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Training Athletes to become Faster & Stronger...Speed is vital in all sports. Become the best athlete possible NOW! 

Have you ever heard of anyone saying "Speed Kills"? While it may not be as pronounce as the 75 mph blazing Cheetah hunting down the graceful and agile Gazelle in the plains of Africa. Speed is the greatest asset an athlete can have when they are playing their sport. Speed is a skill, tough to learn and even harder to master. It is a motor skill that must be practiced correctly in order to maximize your potential and gain maximum speed in order to put it to work in your sport. Look at the athletes that play baseball, football, soccer. basketball, tennis; they all have to have the right amount of coordination, agility, power, endurance, and most importantly the speed needed to become the best athlete out there. While not all the sports require the same amount of energy in each of the skill components mentioned above the speed component is truly universal in athleticism and being the best and most rounded.  

Speed is much more than running from point A to point B. It is a highly technical activity. The dynamics of a complete speed program in order to maximize and to have results is a complex one that involves working on the athletes deficiencies and underlying weaknesses. It involves working on speed related auxiliaries like agility, core strength, power development through weight bearing exercises and plyometric exercises (depending on athletes age), mobility and flexibility exercises just to name a couple. Anyone that tells you that running fast is easy as doing foot drills and sprints all the time is really just lying to you or doesn't know what they are truly talking about. 

Why is speed as a skill so important?  
Speed is such an important skill because whether its youth sports, high school, college, or professional sports those that show the best speed are the superior athletes and the ones that make the biggest impact on the game or score. 

There are older ideas that speed is a god given talent and cannot be taught. Which is not all that accurate, while you may never reach the speed of an Olympic Gold Medal Sprinter & World Record Holder like Usain Bolt you can improve your speed. Speed is critical whether you are involved in a sport like soccer that has more speed endurance, an explosive sport like basketball that involves lateral movements and jumps, football that is a sport where acceleration is critical and change direction and agility is of the essence. 

When you workout with Gold Medal Performance you can rest assure that you are working with highly qualified coaches that have a background in the sport of Track & Field where running fast is the most important asset an athlete has. They have worked with athletes from youth ranks to collegiate NCAA Division 1 athletes in the sport of Baseball, Soccer, Football, Basketball. and Tennis work on improving their speeds all while also improving their overall athleticism. 

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